Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary is currently in the process of acquiring 300+ acres of additional land in Northern Arizona to help save hundreds of horses and dogs. Our goal is to begin breaking ground in 2021 for our new location.

Future Dog Socializing Areas

Future Dog Socializing Areas


Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary will save dogs and other small animals from being euthanized. Because there isn't enough room available for them at the shelter or rescue, or because of their type of breed, their age or appearance, behavior issues or other reasons, the Sanctuary can be their forever home.  Our goal is to help save these dogs and give them a permanent home.  Currently several shelters are forced to euthanize a dog just because there isn't a cage available for them to be adopted out of or because they're carrying a litter of unborn puppies and the shelter can't care for them for eight weeks.   Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary is helping to solve that problem and give them that permanent home if and when needed.   


permanent homes

Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary will have 300+ pasture acres for horses to be horses for the entire life. Our wonderful monthly sponsors help ensure their basic needs are met, ample supply of food, water and medical care when needed.  We will provide a permanent home for the unwanted horses.  We are their guardians with your help.



No horse should live in fear

Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary will provide them a safe and forever home.  Currently being planned in Northern Arizona, the Sanctuary has a target date of September 1, 2021 to begin the intake process of several unwanted horses forever saving their lives and taking a step to help end senseless euthanized or slaughtered animals at their new location.