Sanctuary for Slaughter Bound Horses

Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary is in the process of acquiring 300 acres of land for horses.  We will provide them with a permanent home and care for life, saving them from slaughter.   These majestic animals deserve to live out their retirement years.   Just because they are old, untrained, have a minor medical condition, can no longer be rode or other reasons, they deserve to be safe and live out their life.

With Your Help We Can Save Them from Slaughter

With Your Help We Can Save Them from Slaughter

“Their nightmare journey begins when they enter the slaughter pipeline at the auction house. My ultimate goal would be to keep them all out of those ‘kill-buyer’ trailers,” said Neta Rhyne, 65, of nearby Toyahvale."

"Nearly a decade after the last three horse slaughterhouses closed in the United States — including two in Texas — the trafficking of American horses for slaughter continues and the controversy burns as fiercely as ever."

Foreign slaughter is the only option, as slaughter is illegal in the United States.

“Public opinion is on the side of the horses,” said Holly Gann of the Humane Society of the United States. “National polling in 2012 showed that 80 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter for human consumption.”

"Many of the horses acquired at auctions and shipped by “kill buyers” are young and in good health". Horse rescue groups already limited and overloaded, more is needed quickly.  With more Sanctuaries there could be more success stories like this foul born from a mare a month after being saved from slaughter.